Sunday, July 08, 2007

Man robs bank disguised as tree

Sometimes real life is funnier than fiction.

Have you ever wondered what makes people do the things they do? Do you suppose this guy perched in his deer stand trying to come up with a fullproof disguise, rejecting rubber masks, sun glasses, wigs, paper sacks? But then, one day, he peered down through the branches at a passing buck and the thought came to him, "Hey! I know . . . "


Barkfoot said...

There was a guy I heard about in Denmark that used to rob banks, his only disguise was a dot painted on each eyelid. While demanding money he used to blink very slowly. No one ever remembered what he looked like other than the dots and he was never caught!

Anonymous said...

Further to what barkfoot's comment,
apparently a simple band-aid placed on the face has the same effect-i.e witnesses remember the
band-aid but not what the criminal looks like.
David M.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Hi David!

They caught the guy on Saturday at his own home. They just knocked on his door and he answered . . .

I'd love to know the rest of that story.