Friday, October 05, 2007


I've had a tired week. I think it's just the stress of giving my notice, financial pressure, and still adapting to my husband's erratic schedule. After six years of his working nights, he's working days. By itself, this is lovely, but my habits are still those of a woman whose husband who works nights.

I'm used to keeping late hours and falling asleep with X-files on for company (I'm a like a disobedient four year old--I have to be tricked into falling asleep. That and I apparently still believe in the boogie man). He came in from work around 3am and I'd wake up just enough to snuggle up to him and drop back off. It wasn't a bad arrangement. Now if I go to be bed with him, I get to toss and turn until sleep finally arrives, as he sleeps with the tv off. Or I wait until I'm so tired sleep is the only option and I stagger in to bed at even later hours than I usually keep.

The irony is that by the time I finally adjust to this, his schedule will change again and he will be working from 7:00pm to 7:00am. Which is pretty lousy as it limits our ever-so-valuable spooning time. We've lived with worse schedules--when he was self-employed he was often gone for two or three days at a time--so we'll adapt, but the adjustment is wearing on me in the meantime.

I've long wanted an MP3 player so I took the proceeds from the ASIM sale and bought myself a 1gig Zen Stone. (Why on earth do they make those things so tiny? The entire thing fits in my palm and I have small hands). It's a nifty little tribute to the success with a great quality sound. I think I'll try falling asleep to one of those Sounds of Nature tracks on repeat and see if I can bypass my X-files addiction.

Down to the last fifty pages of editing, by the way. I've just been too frazzled to look at it this week. I'm also teaching a few weeks for classes at the public school (one morning a week) and planning the sessions eats up a lot of my time. If I can shake the tired off tonight, I'm going to finish it.


Scotty said...

I hear that, Mary; rest well and sweet dreams when you can have one or two. As for music, here is one of my current favourites...


Mary O. Paddock said...

Thanks Scotty and thank you too for the music--nice to wake up to. I'm better this morning--just in time to fulfill my other obligations. :)