Thursday, November 29, 2007

Simply a good day

My youngest gave us a puppet show this afternoon. He put together a stage out of blankets and selected a cast of characters from his collection of stuffed animals, though the starring role was held by a paperbag puppet (leftovers from character critters). He then laid out a variety of snacks and arranged comfortable chairs for the family.

The title of the play was "Flip-flop"

A robber (P.R Bag) attempted to rob a local jewelry store, foregoing all the jewelry and opting for their cash. He was met by a character (played by Snoopy) who informed him there was nothing to steal. The robber pointed out a stack of cash on a counter behind Snoopy. Snoopy insisted there was no cash back there, only rocks. To this, our robber responded, "Are you blind man? It's right behind you!" "As a matter of fact I am," replied Snoopy. "How on earth did you get a job in a jewelry store if you're blind?" asked the amazed robber. "Oh, I don't work here," replied Snoopy. "Did someone tell you I did?"

Meanwhile the police arrive (Rhino, Owl and another paper bag puppet) and take the hapless robber to the judge (played by T. Bear) who sends him to jail for a really long time. The offense? Confusing a blind man.

The rest of the play involved the character trying to bribe the police officers with change to let him go. At last, the paper bag police officer finally succumbed to the temptations of 40 cents. When P. Bag makes his escape (throwing police officers off a long bridge one by one in the process), he's nabbed by T. Bear. "But you're a judge. You can't arrest me!" "Oh, I'm not a judge. Did someone tell you I was?"

It ended with a loud musical entitled "Flip Flop". Naturally the cast received a standing ovation. However I think we need to monitor how much Monty Python he's getting in his video diet.

Tonight we're constructing a gingerbread house together. He's fretting over the fact that it doesn't look like the picture on the box.

By the way, I've finished my query letter. I'll be mailing it off next week.

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