Sunday, September 10, 2006

First Post (an explanation is due)

In August, I signed up for MySpace so I could keep an eye on my oldest son's friends' list. I had no intention of blogging, but I had to do something while I was hanging around, glaring at passing strangers. It turned out to be a fun way to work out the day to day trials of writing and raising a family and was an improvement on sending my dearest friends and colleagues long angsty e-mails or posting similar notes on workshop boards. It also turned out to be a good place to post anecdotes about living with four boys and a husband, and stories about people who impress me or make me laugh (Beware--your name could be here--I am always looking for a good story or character sketch.)

After a month or so of posting on My Space, I decided I didn't like the fact that people had to join the site to post comments, so I looked into other options and wound up here. Good grief . . . at some point comments became important too . . . So much for not bothering people.

The primary purpose of this blog will be to document my attempts to find an agent who will represent Witness Tree. I'll also record my word count and commentary on the next project--"Keep Cold" (working title). There will be no excerpts posted, nor will I discuss the idea itself. However, I'll probably whine about characters not playing nicely and scenes that seemed like a good idea in my head, but look stupid on paper. In other words, this journal will be fraught with all the self-doubt common to writers (or this writer anyway).

You've been warned. Look away now.

If you'd like to catch up with how far this has gone (or read antecdotes about my every day life--best selling stuff, I'm sure) the link from My Space is here:

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