Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's two am and I should be sleeping. I'm going to hate myself when the 6:30 alarm buzzes in. I've gotten very, very little writing done since last Tuesday for a myriad of fairly good reasons.

Wednesday the two younger boys turned up sick, I had a houseful of teenagers who'd come over for band practice, and my computer crashed. Not a great evening at all.

I think all the power blinks caused the computer problems--corrupting several thousand files in the process. Windows was attempting to fix the problem itself and only making it worse so I went in through Linux and retrieved as many documents as I could--the primary concern being Witness Tree, Fassen Files, and all my short stories. I didn't think it would be a big deal, but I wanted to be sure I snagged those. Unfortunately, I did not think about all the photos. The next restart produced multiple shutdown/restarts so I went to the diagnostic screen and its diagnosis was "Oy! You're really hosed! Haven't I told you over and over to back up everything, avoid freeware, stay off the warez sites and defrag regularly? I suppose you want me to reinstall Windows again, is that it?" My computer, by the way, is Jewish,. Meekly, I said, "Yes please" and it promptly went about cleaning house.

A nice shiny new copy of windows meant that I'd lost my virus protection, firewalls, etc. So I spent two days resetting all of that, plus reinstalling Office software, plus tracking down software that would salvage my photoes (and it did).

Then I got sick. And my husband got it--and the two younger kids continued to be sick so it wasn't a very good weekend at all. I looked at Witness Tree, got dizzy and laid back down.

Better now, but I've got a packed week ahead. I hope to do some editing tomorrow. A little progress is better than none, right?

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