Friday, November 10, 2006

The blues

No writing done yesterday as there was virtually no time for it between work, music practice and putting together lesson plans for today. If I am not too wiped, I will move on with the nano project this evening. It's going fairly smoothly, though it's in "pause" right now as I decide exactly which route to take next. The problem is there are several directions it could go and I can't decide which one is best. I may be writing more slowly than some, but it is moving forward.

My son asked me an interesting question this evening. "How many stories have you had published, Mom?" I really don't know, but the tally is somewhere around fifteen, I think. "How much money have you made at it?" he asked. Probably about a 130.00 or so over a year and a half span. I asked him why he wanted to know. "I just wondered if you could make actual money writing," he replied. Most people make a little, but very few support themselves exclusively on it, I told him.

I wonder what brought that series of questions on.

I didn't sleep last night. I really can't say why; it seemed that a dozen minor physical ailments and a substantial amount of stress descended the minute I attempted to close my eyes. I am considering calling in today (my husband is practially insisting on it), but I really hate doing that as I'm not really sick, just exhausted and depressed. I suspect if I resolve the tired, the depression will resolve itself. I have not reached a conclusion here.

To sum it all up, sometimes I am just not enough.

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