Monday, November 13, 2006


I've done this four times now and have concluded that there's nothing quite like watching your kid ride off on his bike for the first time. It's a whole lot of things at once--growing up, moving away and not needing us as much. It's hard not to grow misty over it.

To explain: I took time out from writing and sorting winter clothes yesterday to observe a bike riding lesson at the park. That is my youngest, Sam, in the photo, pedaling confidently away from the camera. What this photo does not show is that he doesn't quite know how to stop yet so he is still aiming for piles of leaves and throwing himself clear of the bike when it tips over.

After we returned, we made cookies, popped popcorn and watched the Wizard of Oz. Sam and I had a "date" for this one as his brothers had ridiculed the whole thing until they learned that food might be involved. Then Dad horned in, but it was okay. Sam got to hold his best girl's hand (me) and talk about his favorite parts. A good evening, all in all.

Troubled_Waters is rolling along quite well and I'm nearly "caught up" to where I need to be if I'm going to make 50,000 words by the end of the month. There isn't a lot of substance to this project, but it is a great deal of fun to write and I'm excited about the next session whenever I walk away from the prior one. I have to write a really tough scene tonight (I think--I'm worried about the timing on this one and am wondering if I should pad it with another scene or two).

For now, I'm off to work for a few hours.


Anonymous said...

What an endearing picture. Perhaps the perfect counterpoint to an endearing sentiment. You write well, Mary, and you're right about children learning to ride - it's magical.

Mark Binkowski

Mary O. Paddock said...

What a pleasant surprise! Thanks Mark.