Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Keep Cold

A whole 745 very slow words. But they are there and I can see the characters now. The hardest part of this will be learning how to write from the villain's POV. Or maybe I won't.

I've decided to do something I really hate to find in other works of fiction. I've decided to give the MC an usual name. I've dubbed her Sevin for no reason other than the fact that I like the sonics of it and I misspelled it because I like the way it looks on the page. My husband is going to hate this. He frequently makes fun of my characters' names and is always sure that his idea (whatever it is) is better. I've named her dog Citgo. he is a black hound with no brains and a huge slobbery enthusiasm for life in general. Citgo will help me define Sevin, I think.

I hope to have some time to write another 800 or so words before the day is up. Once I figure out how to take the brakes off and quit self-correcting so much, this should get easier.

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