Thursday, February 15, 2007


I got quite a bit of editing done today, though it is only the first sweep. I'm trying to catch plot elements this time and deal with the things that are bothering me the most, but I am aware that there are probably three or more sweeps to be done.

A man from Missouri and I occasionally exchange notes about writing. He's finished his first book and chosen to self-publish and is on to his second. I've visted his website--the book looks pretty good. He's offered (foolishly) to read over Troubled Waters for me. I am desperate enough for a distant audience to consider it, though he sounds busy enough with his own life (married with kids and holding down a job that sounds demanding).

He also paid an editor to proof for him, something I've considered only because I don't see all my own typos. Also, I seem to have an unconscious affection for the inverted sentence. It sounds great in my head, but leaves readers scratching theirs. I can't really afford a professional editor which is what will probably stop me, but, on the other hand, I'd really like to put best effort into this particular project. Of the books I've written so far, this is my best effort and most publishable. It is also fairly timely and I don't want to sit on it for too long.

I did write a poem for my husband. It's in an envelope on my desk. Maybe I'll post it after he's seen it. He doesn't mind if I share that kind of thing, as long as he gets the original.

Then again, I just read the poem on the Compost Heap by Pattiann Rogers so maybe not . .

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