Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

For several days I've been casting around for an idea for a poem to write for my husband. It's been a few years (The last one was "What Elizabeth Knew"several years ago); he's overdue something new. Valentine's Day is more than just a recognized holiday--it's the anniversary of the first time he told me he loved me--and I'm the only girl he's ever said that to (except for one in the third grade . . .)

He wrote me a poem last year and I still have it in my desk drawer beside my computer. He worked on it for weeks, he told me. He wanted it to be "good enough," bless his heart. It is nearly impossible to be disspassionate about something like that, but I have to say that for a first attempt, it was pretty good. He tried really hard to include all the elements of poetry that he knew I'd approve of (Lets just say I've read a lot of poetry to him over the last 2o years). I will not embarrass him by sharing it, but he really caught me by surprise with it.

We are somewhat broke at present thanks to lots of short work weeks and I am becoming worried that this may continue for another month before it gets better. Needless to say Valentines Day will be low-budget and rushed (assuming that he's working tonight--he's still asleep). A poem seems like the way to go.

I know him and he's already got someting planned. I'd better get on the ball.

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