Monday, April 23, 2007


I've taken a break from editing because the appraiser is coming to see the house next week and I've been really busy trying to get the house ready. Today I took time out to work on my much neglected synopsis. I'm told I need three different lengths--one that's about three sentences, one that's about a three pages and one that's around 500 words. I'm working on the mid-length synopsis right now and am nearly satisfied with it. I'd really appreciate an experienced eye on this one, but am hesitant to workshop it. For me workshopping muddies the waters more than it helps with projects like this.

I confess I CANNOT imagine trying to reduce the entire synopsis to three sparking sentences. In case you've missed it--I have a heck of a time saying anything in less than a thousand words. I'm this way in real life too, I'm sorry to say.

Yesterday my husband finally put in my new vinyl kitchen floor. Tonight I hang wall paper in half the kitchen. Tomorrow it's the rest of the kitchen and then on to laying vinyl tile in a room we call "the entryway". It's actually an odd little room that leads to our bedroom, which is actually a converted garage. We couldn't figure out what to do with the odd, left over space so we lined it with shelves and use it for storing linens and towels.

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