Friday, June 29, 2007

A break in the action

I've got a few days off coming up because of all the hours I packed in at camp and the plant my husband works at routinely shuts down for a week at this time of the year. Lets see how much editing I can get done, starting today.

As we usually do during my husband's week of vacation, we're taking the boys camping next Thursday or so. This summer we'll go south instead of north. t I want the boys to experience the best of Northwest Arksansas, the area I grew up in--which is really just a few hours away, but seems like another continent. The Buffalo River area holds a lot of vivid memories for me; my dad took us canoing and camping there during the summer and I have clear memories of waking to the smell of the campfire and coffee and Dad calling us to hurry and wake up and start the day. Honestly camping makes up the best memories I have of the time I spent with my dad, which probably explains why I'm so determined to give my sons the same experiences.

Unfortunately I don't think my little Cutlass (still new to us) is up to taking them to my favorite campsite as it requires negotiating a steep, nearly vertical gravel road. The primitive sites at the bottom are not used as often as other parts of the park so it's quieter and more private there. And there's a great swimming area fed by the river, small water falls and springs and it's enclosed by great bluffs and old growth trees. I'm hoping this is duplicated somewhere else in the park.

This wasn't what I had planned this year; we originally intended to pack up and go to Montana to see my Dad and stay at Yellowstone, but that's just not in the budget after our rather hard winter. The boys took the disappointment pretty well and are simply excited about spending time as a family going somewhere. Personally I look forward to hours away from computers, tvs, cellphones and work.

For now I'm off to spend some time with the laptop and Troubled_Waters.

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