Thursday, August 30, 2007

Other news

My flat screened monitor that I got for Christmas died this morning so I am using an extra we keep tucked away for such occasions. I am terribly spoiled. I am also terribly, terribly nearsighted. The first thing I had to do was enlarge the print on this one so I could read it--with my glasses. And of course this monitor is huge and eats up most of my desk and there's no way not to sit too close to it.

I should have seen it coming a few weeks ago when I asked the flat screened monitor to make a change of some sort (don't remember what) and the entire screen seemed to "melt" away. After multiple restarts it finally returned. Then it started crashing (melting) when I tried to bring up Sims II (Yeah? So what? I never had a dollhouse when I was a kid, okay?). I thought it was a Sims problem and did some error checking that seemed to fix it. Today I discovered that it had lost its refresh rate and wouldn't refresh at anything above 60 (which probably explains my frequent headaches of late), or let me change screen resolutions. I tested the video card and it appeared fine, tested the connections, etc. During the last test it wouldn't bring the screen up at all. My son came home a few hours later and plugged it in and it wouldn't even come on. Seems images weren't the only thing melting.

There are bigger problems in the world, and certainly in my life right now. I don't know that I have the time and the energy to argue with the manufacturer over this. However I'll dig out all the warranty stuff and see what's covered and what's not. My husband, who is a very generous guy, but not well versed in computer equipment, bought it unaware that the company (whose name sounds a lot like zero with an x on the end) has a history of not making good on their warranties. Further more their monitors are infamous for quitting within their first year of operation.

Ahh well. On the other hand, (and more importantly) Gary is a lot better today and went to work this morning at his new job. The new puppy is very cute and very healthy, and my teenage son actually joined the art club at school because of a cute girl--and admitted it when I teased him about it. Oh and I have a four day weekend. And this edit of Trouble_Waters is going very well (nearly done). And the boys at the Boys Ranch I visit once a month (job-related) were actually well-behaved this evening. And it's fifty degrees outside right now--a huge change from the sweltering 70 and 80 degree temps I've been trying to sleep through.

BTW--this time you can ignore the "READ MORE" link. I can't seem to make it disappear.


Scotty said...

If you want the 'read more' bit to go away when you're not using it, simply leave the [span id="fullpost']and the [/span] out of the post...

Mine shows up permanently when I start a new post (I edited it into the post template) but I simply delete it if I'm not planning a long post.


Unknown said...

You seem to have rotten computer luck. I'm only going to read your blog from work from now on so that my laptop stays safe.