Friday, August 31, 2007


I have a friend name Benjamin Graber in Omaha, Nebraska, a retired hippy doctor, who discovered that he was a playwright a few years ago.

I have no desire to write plays but I admire people who do and the time or two that I've been involved in amateur productions (painting sets and such), I've enjoyed it. So I am especially appreciative of a group of professionals and college students who take part in something called the Instant Play festival--which is very nearly what it sounds like it is.

Here's a link to Benjamin's plays and an explanation for what Instant Plays are. Of the two pieces, I prefer "Snipped". Warning: mature subjects and some language. Stage Six

Don't bother!


Anonymous said...

Hey, what's the "dont bother"at the bottom?
Is that a new form of paradoxical advert?
Give your readers the link to End of Limmerance.
I can't seem to figure how to get that to the other page.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Gee wiz Benjamin. Go get yer own blog if you want free advertising. :) I'll add it later.

"The don't bother" at the bottom is because the "Read More" link keeps showing up even after I delete it from the text box and I don't want people thinking my entries are any longer than they already are. I mean . . . they are long sometimes . . . okay . . . frequently . . . but that's not the point.