Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It was all Simon's idea

From over on Simon Haynes' blog

Here's the deal: Open your novel or WIP in Word 97 or later and click AutoSummarize. Change the options to 'create a new doc and put the summary there' and '100 words or less', then paste the result into your blog with these instructions.

Simon's was more fun. Mine seems caught up in the MC's name. Still, it was fun to learn about a Word feature I've never used before.

"Geez Sevin. Sevin flinched. Sevin murmured. Sevin grinned. "Hello Sevin. "Warren. Warren. "Thanks Sevin. "Where’s Sevin? "Sevin Lee Waters." "Warren? Sevin stood.
Sevin nodded. Sevin faltered. "Sevin. Sevin-Sevin. "Sevin?" "Sevin." Sevin asked. Oh Sevin. Warren. Warren: Sevin? Warren: Sevin? Sevin charged. Sevin e-mailed Cap. Sevin: Correct. Stephen: "Hey Sevin. Sevin logged off.
Sevin: Sevin waited. I'm sorry Sevin. "Hello Sevin. Sevin smiled. Sevin
asked. "Sevin Waters?" "Thanks Sevin. "Sevin?"Sevin nodded."Sevin."
Sevin asked. Sevin paused. Sevin replied.Warren’s house. "Sevin?" "Sevin? Troubled Waters is Sevin Waters." Warren. Keep_Cold: Sevin. "Welcome death Sevin. Sevin stopped.


Simon Haynes said...

"Sevin. Sevin-Sevin. "Sevin?" "Sevin." Sevin asked.

Tee hee ;-)

Mary O. Paddock said...

Hi Simon,

Have you ever heard of the 1970s American show "The Brady Bunch"?
It reminds me of of the famous line as whined by the jealous younger sibling. "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! that's all anybody ever talks about is Marsha." :)