Monday, September 24, 2007

Silent for a good reason

I'm down to the last eighty pages of this particular draft. There was far more detailed editing work than I expected to find so I've had to slow down, backtrack and cut a couple of thousand words.

On Monday I am supposed to give my 30 day notice (really more like 45--there's a couple of major events coming up that I want to see through to the end). I have no idea as to how to do this; jobs I've worked before now were easy enough to walk away from with very little warning and no one even requested anything in writing . So I'm assuming written notice is par for the course. How much of an explanation are they due? Do I need to tell them that I'm doing this primarily because of my own family obligations? I'm not looking forward to talking to the CPD about this. He's a nice man and it will upset him, but I can't keep doing this just to keep him happy.

PS. Below is what happens when you respond to numerous "Honey, come 'ere and watch our future quarterback"s by leaving your laptop unattended on the couch in a houseful of cats. When I returned from ooh-ing and ahhing at everyone's physical prowness I found Isaac, the biggest heaviest male curled up on top of it. He was terribly insulted when I threw him off. I had to do a restart to unjam it and the keys still stick.
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