Monday, November 19, 2007

Out of focus

This not having a regular job thing is strange, harder to adjust to than I expected. I feel out of focus a good part of the time. I'm not used to not having to be somewhere or worry about the next big event. I'm still answering questions (Mary, where did you file the state fair database? What's the EIN# for such-and-such club?) so I'm not out completely out of the loop, but I turn in my key and stuff tomorrow and that will be most of it. I've been trying to make sure leftovers from fairs get back to their owners, but it looks like that's wrapped up as well.

Consequently the house is in a bit of a mess and I'm wandering around in a fog, schooling kids, playing video games, walking, visiting with my husband. I'm not goal oriented just yet, but I guess I'm moving in the right direction.

When I started this job, I was in good shape (an avid walker for years, hiked for fun), but a year and a half ago, I finally gave up trying to fit exercise in between work, homeschooling and writing. It was a mistake, but I didn't know what else to do. So while once upon a time a three mile speed walk was no big deal bow being able to walk around the block twice is my goal. I'm up to a block and a half. It's going to be a long, slow haul.

No writing done for a few days, though I've been editing a short story. One of the parents from my program, an quilt artist, contacted me the other day to discuss her daughters' leftovers and to tell me about a short fiction contest a bookstore in Springfield is holding. I took a look at the requirements and I think I fulfill them so I've been considering subbing to it. The deadline is in mid-December. I don't think it's wise to pull out new material at this date so I've turned to some faithful standbys (unpublished favorites) and am trying to decide which one is best.

I'm going to look for two more agents tomorrow. Or maybe I'll just go for a walk. Or bathe the dogs, or something . . .


Scotty said...

Chin up, Mary, things have a tendency to fall into place and find a comfortable niche, sooner or later.

And if a kind word, a smile, or a cyber-hug from across the pond will help at all, you got it.



Mary O. Paddock said...

Hi Scotty,

I'm okay, just feeling a little off balance with all the changes. Going from employed with a title and an office with a name plate and everything to full-time mom is quite a shift.

But I'll take that hug and thank you. :)