Friday, November 16, 2007

What a girl wants

is for everyone to put my stuff back where they got it from. I want them to not carry off all my pens and pencils, leaving me with a desk caddy containing a paint brush, a magic marker, a pair of chop sticks (Did you know they can be used as weapons? Just ask the MC in Troubled_Waters . . .), and a stray crayon to write checks with. I bought the desk caddy to help me be better organize my personal space. As you can see, it's going swimmingly.


Scotty said...

With one teenager still at home AND one daughter living with me, I can SO relate to that.

I feel your pain, Mary, I really really do.


Unknown said...

You're not asking for much, just for what every mother has wanted throughout history (and probably hasn't gotten).

Mary O. Paddock said...

Welcome back Scotty!
I know it's a universal cry of complaint, but it does get old.

Erma Bombeck used joke that she wrote her kids' letters to their teachers in crayon. She said teachers were suspicious of any ltters that weren't. :)