Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Satellite Withdrawal

It finally went off the air this morning. You might recall that I wanted to turn it off months ago. However my husband surfaced as a surprised champion of all things tv and pressed me to keep the lifeline attached a bit longer.

Not suprisingly, he's very unhappy about the new development, though I'm still surprised at him about this. He's long insisted that tv was not that important to him. But I explained to him that continuing to do this in the face of our current financial condition is just foolish. We're struggling to make bills right now and I don't see that changing anytime soon. We're just barely keeping DSL because it fills so many different roles and I got a great deal from the phone company that included unlimited long distance.

On the other hand, to my surprise, the boys shrugged it off. Especially after I told them my "up hill in the snow both ways" story of growing up in Northwest Arkansas with one just one channel.

We don't get a tv signal at all here without a dish so we're improvising. I've discovered there's lots of (legal) places on the internet to download tv shows and my oldest son and I are studying the possibility of hooking up a pc to the tv. It's still not ideal, but if there's something specific we all want to see, it can be done. So what viewing there is, will be a lot more selective just by design.

To my surprise, I discovered a cache of x-files episodes that will keep me happy until I can afford the X-files DVD collection so I think I'll survive the transition just fine.

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