Thursday, December 27, 2007

Brief Dedication

Theo was one of those creatures who seemed determined to infuse every moment of life with excitement. When my oldest's band came over and played loud rock music, most of the cats hid, but Theo was front and center--usually in someone's arms (he preferred the girls). To my frustration, he was a frequent offender with respect to the kitchen counters and it took us some time to realize he did it because he thought it was funny when we yelled at him and chased him out. When we began quietly locking him up in the workshop for an hour or two instead, he stopped playing the game. Theo was playmate to my youngest--more than happy to go for rides in baskets and boxes, preferring top speed to slow, loved knocking over block towers and hiding in tent cities. When he was tired, he sought out my lap for cuddles and he greeted all strangers without reserve. In our multi-cat household where there are multiple allegances and antipathies among the population, Theo was a favorite of all. The other cats were genuinely glad to have him around and he seemed to spark kittenish behaviors in even the oldest and grumpiest.

Theo will be greatly missed by the whole household. My dearest husband actually asked the family to have a memorial service for him (something he would normally roll his eyes over). He and my youngest are out burying him right now.

He will be greatly missed.


Julie Carter said...

I'm so sorry.

Why do they have to live such short, furry lives?

Mary Paddock said...

Thank you Julie.