Friday, December 28, 2007

Writing update

Short synopsis completed. First generic query letter--completed. A query letter shaped to meet the expectations of a specific agent--completed. All but ready to go.

I planned to mail it out before the holidays (and said so, I think), but an agent commented in his blog that this wasn't advisable, so I held off until after Christmas.

Good thing. I then learned that he and other agents not only welcome queroes with links to authors' websites with excerpts of first chapters on them, but tend to view them favorably.

Sooo now I'm trying to remember what it is I once knew about web design and am wrestling with lousy freeware web designing software. I say lousy because it's either too complicated or it doesn't offer enough options. I looked at geocities, freeweb, and homestead and ran into a similar complaint. On top of that my own server isn't answering my e-mails as to why I can't upload to my free web page.

Good grief. I used to run a real estate broker's site with multiple pages, links, and pictures. This is simple, straightforward html, a background color and a banner. Why oh why has this turned into a headache?

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