Saturday, December 29, 2007

My webpage

(Edited due to muddle-headedness)

Okay. Here it is. In a boring, pinstriped suit, and silk tie sort of way it looks pretty professional, no?

I'll be deleting the link in a day or two as it needs to stay a low traffic site, the intended audience being the agents I'm soliciting. Meanwhile, this is what all the moaning was about.

It was harder to remember how to publish the silly thing than it was to put it together.

By the way, for those of you out there who aren't interested in spending several hours writing html, but need something that doesn't treat you like a five year old, try NVU. It's open source, free, and easy to use. Not limited--easy. There's a difference. I should know, I've tried out four different programs and three different websites looking for something this straightforward that isn't Microsoft Frontpage.


Scotty said...

Eeeerm, did you forget the link or am I going blind? :-)

The only link I can see is for NVU?

Mary Paddock said...

It's there in the first sentence--the word "it", but I can see what you mean. Perhaps I should underline it or something.

On the other computer the word was blue so I thought it would stand out.

Thank you!

Decidedly Bookish said...

Oooh, your blog's looking pretty these days.

Scotty said...

Cool, thanks, Mary.

Last paragraph - shouldn't that be 'gives' ?


Mary Paddock said...

What would I do without you Scotty?

Thanks for catching that.

Hi DB--Thanks! It's my favorite so far.

Scotty said...

You're welcome, Mary :-)

And a happy New Year to you and the family too.