Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Shopping and Writing

It's basically done. I shopped at three different stores yesterday and noted the atmosphere was less than "Christmassy" in all. There were fewer people shopping and those seemed simply businesslike.

I was proud of my oldest last night. I made the comment that he wasn't going to get a lot this year and he shrugged and said, "So what? It's no big deal Mom." I almost cried, because he's been the one who's had the hardest time understanding the "belt tightening". Something's happened to him this year. I think it's called growing up.

I've still got to come up with gifts for my extended family. I am not "crafty", but I'm considering some simple hand-made gifts that don't take a great deal of time or money to make. Once upon a time I was the queen of sock-babies and bears. Perhaps it would be a good idea to dust off what I remember about sewing.

Having finally finished a hook and a one paragraph synopsis, I moved on to writing a query letter. I've completed it and I have targeted the agent I'm going to send it to. This is very much a dry run as I don't expect this one to be interested. They are simply a safe first try as I'm very familiar with their expectations and what they look for in a query. Meanwhile, I will begin shaping my next queries based on what I know about the others' I've chosen. I get the impression that one size fits all queries are heavily frowned on. This could be a slow process if I've got to stop and research every single agent I sub to, but so be it. Somehow, it makes rejection sound all the more painful.

In my research, I noted that there are agents out there who welcome links to websites with the first chapter of one's manuscript posted on it. I really like this idea as it eliminates the partial. But the problem is that my "first chapter" is an albeit spooky online exchange, but I don't think it will leave an agent with a good first impression of the book. So I'm thinking that I may post the first two as neither are very long. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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