Saturday, February 23, 2008

Amazing Memory

Man With The Most Amazing Memory
What I want to know is does this extend itself to remembering to get milk and bread when his wife sends him to the store? Or does he come home with donuts and soda like my husband does?


Dennis Bryant said...

Uhhhhh...I forgot what I was going to say ;)

Scotty said...

Onya Gary - I feel your pain, mate.

No appreciation for the things we do, right, mate? They SAY that they want milk and bread when in actual fact, WE know that we're expected to be mindreaders and bring home the soda and donuts because that's what they really meant, right?



Hehehe. :-)

Mary O. Paddock said...

Ask your wife, Dennis, I'm sure she'll know. And if not, she'll give you something to say. :)


Yeah, yeah, yeah. So if you guys are such great mindreaders how come you don't hear, "Please bring home flowers"?

Scotty said...