Friday, March 28, 2008

Now Look . . .

While I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would pierce any part of their body but their ears, this kind of story really frosts me.

Why? Because of reports like this. TSA isn't even complying with its own rules. Tests they've run themselves have demonstrated that it's possible to smuggle bombs and bomb making materials past security. What's worse is they're lying to the public about the number of air marshalls they're providing.

And yet this young woman's piercings were perceived as a potential threat. How much simpler would a visual exam by a female airport security agent have been?

Oh--and by the way--this is what their own site has to say about
how they handle body jewelry. Note that bit about pat down searches?

I hope she sues.


Scotty said...

Yep, that sucks big time - a gross overreaction that achieved nothing more than a woman's invasion of privacy and intense embarrassment.

Security issues aside, whatever happened to common sense and discretion? If it seemed that body piercings were indeed the cause of the alarm, then why not simply pull the lady aside and have them checked by a lady official, especially if that's what the pierced individual offers in the first place? Shit, how difficult is that?

Well, it was obviously too difficult for the officials anyway, but then, nobody ever said that people in positions of power were ever gifted with (or even required to have, as a prerequisite for the position, it would seem) some of the more basic life skills.

Anonymous said...

It’s a titillating tale to be sure. I have read other blog commentary about it. The woman in question has lot of supporters who claim that officials acted like boobs. But she has her knockers as well. It will be interesting to keep abreast of how it all develops.


Mary Paddock said...

Hi Scotty. Yup. Common sense went out the window on that one.

Hello David. (rolls eyes at bad puns)She has an excellent lawyer. It seems to me that an apology would be a lot less expensive than a lawsuit.