Monday, April 21, 2008

Conspiracy Theories

I love conspiracy theories. They make for great science-fiction.

I got this in my e-mail yesterday from a well-meaning friend who asked me today what I thought of it. "Very revealing wasn't it?" she said.

I did not know what to reply so I kind of half-nodded my head and said it was "interesting". Anyway, the guy in this video pretty much captures all the internet conspiracy myths I've gotten in my in box since the day I hooked up a modem. What makes this all the more entertaining is that I mentioned these theories to my hippie mother who chuckled and said, "What, that's still going around? We were hearing that back in the 70s. Did the guy mention the Rockefellers?"


Scotty said...



But, it's not paranoia if it's true, right?


debby said...

Oh, Scotty!

Mary Paddock said...

No. You can be paranoid and right too. You can even be a paranoid delusional personality and have the government after you for five years of back taxes and in order to get back at them you make a movie spilling the beans about their secret plans for the American people. Just ask Aaron Russo. :)