Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh yeah

I received a very nice, very professional, very impersonal rejection letter from an agent (or, more correctly, the agent's assistant) yesterday, on high quality bond paper, nonetheless.

My husband, who doesn't understand the impersonal aspect of this kind of thing, said, "Looks like they're trying to let you down easy."

"No. They're being professional," I replied. "Frankly, I'm impressed with this. As I understand it, you usually get a slip of paper. Atleast this agent has some class."

Of course, the letter also included a PS that pointed out the brochure they included which invited writers to buy the agent's book on how to write a block buster novel.

"Hi! Does your book suck? Tired of getting rejected by amazing agents like me? Want to see your name in lights? Well guess what! You can . . . "

Some class, just not very much.

Oh well . . . Next . . .


Scotty said...

Aaaaaaw, sorry to hear it, Mary; better luck next time, as the saying goes, eh?

Mary Paddock said...

Thanks Scotty.