Sunday, May 04, 2008

The first article is completed, outside of a final proof. I have two markets picked out. Now I need a topic for the next one. The thing is, unless you count the ability to convince my husband to let us keep the latest stray on our doorstep, I don't know enough about any one thing to write a substantial article.

Meanwhile, I've got a bad case of spring fever. I can't wait for the boys to get done with school so I can begin writing Willows Blood.

I've compiled a list of ten agents to query next week.

Hey! I think I'm getting the hang of this writing thing.


Dennis Bryant said...

I've lost track--have you had any sense yet that any of the agents you've submitted to have actually read the querry? I never got one past the administrative assistant.

Mary Paddock said...

Hi Dennis,

The last one was definitely from the administrative assistant (at least they didn't hide it). Another was from the agent himself(no reading asst. He responded so quickly--like in seconds--so I doubt he paid attention to what he said no to). I'm still waiting on two others (should be sometime in the next couple of weeks) and the other never replied so I'm taking that as a No.

Ray Veen suggested I send out more than three or four at a time and I think he's right so I'm going to send out seven or eight next week. It would speed this process up if I didn't have to tailor every letter for every single agent.

I have decided that I need more writing credits and freelancing is the only thing that fits my lifestyle.