Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What I'm not going to talk about

I wanted to talk about something substantial this evening--some thoughts on discovering three years too late that a comedian I liked died and what a shame it was to learn it was a drug overdose, or maybe express some thoughts about the race horse Eight Belles who was euthanized at the Kentucky Derby over the weekend and my own thoughts about this questionable sport, or the issue of the FLDS cult's children being taken away and whether I think that's justified or not and how much it's really been weighing on me for the last few weeks and how I don't have a right or wrong answer to it.

But a funny thing happened on my way to the office. My husband met me at the corner between the kitchen and the livingroom with a big bowl of popcorn. He pointed out we had a movie we hadn't seen yet and how it would be wasting money to send it back unwatched. A valid point, I agreed. So we dimmed the lights and settled on the couch to watch Music and Lyrics.

All those troubled thoughts went right out of my head and now all I want to go curl up in bed with the guy that brought the popcorn.

Smart man.

PS. Excellent date movie. Don't miss it.


Julie Carter said...

"POP! Goes my heart!" I love that video.

debby said...

Date movie? Tim falls asleep when he sits down. Unless it's a comedy...

Mary Paddock said...

It's a ridiculously catchy tune, isn't it? I caught myself humming it at one point this afternoon. I rewatched it before I sent it back this afternoon and the boys wandered in and out. I was informed that the eighties were goofy. 'Can't argue with that.

Debby, I'm blessed in that particular regard. Gary is often the one to pick the romantic movies around here while I opt for action adventure or sci-fi. He's also quite the romantic himself.