Friday, June 13, 2008

Solomon and Tara

All the dogs in the house have beds of their own, located in corners or kennels out of the way of traffic. These dogs all need their personal caves in order to co-exist peacefully with the others.

Solomon has two beds, both located in rooms I frequent. One is a foam cushion usually covered by an old blanket, located in front of the china cabinet in the livingroom; the other is a large dog bed in the corner of my office. Solomon doesn't care about traffic; he cares about being close to me.

The cats lay where ever they want to, whether I like it or not. On top of the microwave--GET DOWN!--on the table--DELILAH! GET OFF THE TABLE RIGHT NOW!--on to of my computer monitor--Sigh! Isaac, move your tail--on top of the china cabinet--Zoe? Zoe? Anybody seen Zoe today? Meowr?-- on the television Daniel, move Diogenes' tail, will you?, on the dryer--Excuse me Liberty. I need to push the button-- and all of the windowsills, chairs, couches, and bathroom sinks, and counters. Oh! And Solomon's beds. When he's not in them, that is. The cats don't care about traffic either. They only care about comfort. And not being eaten by Solomon who prefers not to share his beds with felines. Being eaten would not be comfortable.

Tara, our newest orphan, likes Solomon's beds too. She also likes Solomon. You'd think his sheer size would be enough to keep her away, but she seems to think he was put on this earth to provide her with a tail to chase and a face to lick. Strangely, he seems to like her back, often nuzzling her when she approaches and making room for her on his cushion. If she's already there, he arranges himself around her so he doesn't lay on her. I think her utter disregard for their size difference amuses him.

Excuse the foam padding look. His blanket's in the wash.


Debby said...

What I love is that she soundly sleeping. He's resting, but keeing an eye on things. How cute!

Mary O. Paddock said...

He's the picture of patience with her. I'm grateful for this considering she's just about bite size.