Saturday, June 14, 2008

When Computers Attack

We replaced my heat sink and fan today. This should have been a straightforward matter of shutting the computer off, unplugging it, removing the old, replacing it with the new. Powering it back up and going about our business.


Unless it isn't.

Unless my computer feels like getting its hair done too. And going shopping. And lunch. And a make over.

It beeped after we put in the new heatsink. The heatsink was apparently the wrong color.

Then it decided the hard drive was old so it refused to find it.

So we reset the CMOS.

Oh there's the hard drive. Silly me, right where I left it. But where oh where did I put the mouse?

Eww. No. Not that mouse. It's ugly. I want a new one.

(Wails) Now the mouse doesn't match the keyboard! I'm not playing anymore!

Then it wouldn't find the hard drive again.

Before it was over the computer had a complete make over. A new reinstall of windows, a different mouse and a different keyboard. (Shshsh! Don't tell, but it's actually the same one with a new pink slipcover)

So now I'm reinstalling everything. Fortunately I'd backed up all the family pics, music files, movies and documents as well as my book, to the exterior hard drive.

Next time I'm getting a boy computer.


Anonymous said...

The boy ones are just as bad. Not so fussy and finicky, sure, but THEY want the extras. The V8 speed hardrive. The auto rotating CPU. A gadet a gimmik - you name it, they want it. Then they go play golf intead of self installing.

Scotty said...


Discretion being the better part of valour, I shall say nary a word on the matter...


Debby said...

Oh, wonderful. Mine is sexually confused. It just sort of wanders back and forth between the two genders.

Scotty: Smooth move.

Mary O. Paddock said...

LOL everybody! :)