Friday, July 25, 2008

An army of teenagers

. . . have taken over my livingroom for the evening. There's not a free article of furniture in sight. They've eaten all my food and drink. And unless I want to watch You-Tube videos, I'm without a television as well.

Quite obviously my oldest is home from his travels (and more convinced than ever that any chores he's asked told to do are a violation of his personal freedoms. Eighteen is such fun)

Can I come hang out at your house?



debby said...

Sure, Mary, come on over. However, I've also got my 18 year old coming home this weekend. She'll tell you quite tartly what is NOT her responsibility. So far, not seeing a lot that IS her responsibility.

So, yeah, come on over. It just won't be a lot different here.

Scotty said...

Yeah, my place is pretty free too, Mary - we've got some leftover pizza and lasagne, tea, coffee, soda, and I'm bound to have a sci0fi movie or three that you haven't seen.

You bring the marshmallows.


Mary Paddock said...

Thanks Debby. 'Sounds like our problems are similar. *sigh* Of course, I've got another year of this nonsense.

I'm there Scotty. :) Lasagna sounds good . . . Strawberry flavored okay?

debby said...

Strawberry flavoured lasagna?!!!

Mary Paddock said...

Yeah. Haven't you ever had strawberry lasagna?

You know what's better though?

Strawberry flavored marshmallows.

debby said...

Oh, for petes sake......

Anonymous said...

Yes, come on over. I have a houseful of family right now. I need a welcome distraction :)