Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crazy Mule

Jeremiah, my oldest, is lead guitar in the school's show choir (this is a pretty big deal--he auditioned and beat out eleven other kids to earn this). This is a competitive choir that travels a bit.

Because this choir travels, they have a lot of expenses so they have occasional fund raisers. For their first fundraiser of the year they invited a dozen or so blue grass bands to come sing for them, the students made sandwhiches, and parents provided desserts to sell. There was a cover charge of $5.00 to watch the show. They expected a hundred people to attend and two hundred showed up.

It was the most fun I've had for $5.00 in a very long time. A number of the bands that played are well known local talent. We saw a few familiar faces and discovered some groups we hadn't heard before.

One group in particular impressed us enough to buy their CD. Crazy Mule had the audience's complete attention the entire time they held the stage. In addition to being fine musicians, they were great show men. I didn't know before last night that there is an entire genre of humor dedicated to banjo players.

A sampling of their music can be found on their My Space Page


Scotty said...

Glad to hear of $5 well spent, Mary, and I checked out the MySpace page - cool sounds.


Mary Paddock said...

My favorite is "Drippin' Crik".