Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stage Two Rejection?

I got a nice rejection from a large agency today. Apparently I made it out of the slush pile.

Thank you very much for your query regarding TROUBLED WATERS. Although xxx read your letter with interest and saw merit in your premise, he is not enthusiastic enough to pursue representation and must, regretfully, pass. We wish you the best of luck elsewhere.

Still a form rejection, but one that says that some assistant liked it enough to pass it on.

I was doing a search on rejection letters and ran across this guy'stake on them. His "interpretation of what they're really saying" gave me a hearty laugh.


Big Plain V said...

Good for you, Mary. Although there're lots of 'down's in this business, every once in a while, we're blessed with an incremental 'up'.

I got my rejection too. Stop by my blog and catch the drama.

Pencil Writer said...

Forge on. And, above all, keep smilin'! They don't see your face, but others do. And if "they" could see your smile, they won't have "won". "guy's" ultimate rejection letter was funny buy sad, too. I can imagine how he must have felt to compose it. Seriously, he should market rejection letter formats. Maybe.

Debby said...

I'm sorry. But interestingly enough, you've only one option...keep on keeping on. You really just can't stop here, Mary.

Chin up!

Dennis Bryant said...

It has never bothered me when people tell me they dislike my work. It's when they dismiss it without even looking at it that I get cranky. Keep swinging--your book is better than most of what is already on the shelves.

Big Plain V said...

"We sincerely hope that our letter finds you no longer alive."

(hysterical link, Mary)

Mary Paddock said...

I'll take what I can get at this stage Ray.

Thanks PW! I thought the guy's take on it was as funny as it could be simply because he gave voice to what all of us see between the lines.

Thank you Debby.

Me too Dennis! I'm pretty sure that's happened to me at least once.

Ray--I liked "We hate you. We have always hated you."

Scotty said...

Sorry the news wasn't good, Mary; no doubt you'll keep on trying, right?

Thanks for the link too - it was a hoot!