Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Playing with the New Camera

In honor of our trip to Montana, we bought a new digital camera (nothing fancy--just a Kodak). My oldest and I played with it this afternoon. We called on our two favorite (read: most cooperative) subjects.

Solomon and Sam

First we tried some action shots.

Then we tested its shutter speed. Heh. That worked well.

After that we went out to the garden to tested its up close focus. A bit blurry, but I think it's a matter of learning how close to get.

Lastly we checked out the special effects and were especially impressed with the black and white feature.

I call this one the Garden of Good and Evil

Ol Shep

And then we decided to take Solomon's advice and have some fun. A subject he knows a great deal about. All he requires is a stick and a boy.

Here's the stick.

Here's the boy.

In this picture he's reporting back that he can't find the stick the boy has just thrown. Mostly this is a distraction.

While the boy is looking, he doubles back, grabs up the stick and runs past him, so that the boy will know that he's been had.

We rather suspect that he is smarter than his owners.

All in all, it's not a bad little camera for the money. The color quality varies some, but it isn't so far off that it will be distracting. I did a lot of cropping on these shots so they'd fit on the page which interferes a bit with the quality, but once I get a handle on distance and light etc, I think it will suit our purposes just fine.


Anonymous said...

Sebastian (Our 3 year old lab) loves tug o' war, too. And makes his own sticks for games as well. Must be a doggie thing :)

Debby said...

My dog doesn't 'do' sticks. Sadly. He likes nothing better than to chew the squeaky out of a toy though. That's his favorite thing.

Scotty said...

I miss having a dog, but my current lease arrangements don't allow for one.


Pencil Writer said...

Go have fun with new camera, family and trip. Enjoy it all.

Big Plain V said...

At least once, you should use that camera to take a picture of yourself and put it on your blog. At least once.

Any of you others ever seen a picture of Mary?

Mary Paddock said...

RH-I agree. Anything that means interacting with their favorite people.

Debby-Solomon adores tennis balls, but can't be left alone with them as he destroys them. The same goes for squeaky toys (More than once we've caught him in the act of gleefully disemboweling them a fleece toy just to get at the squeaker)

Scotty--We could always do that "adopt a pet" thing, like they do at the zoo and I could send you updates and such. :)


Ray--There is no Mary. Mary is a state of mind.

Big Plain V said...

I think you mean, 'merry is a state of mind.'

"Mary" is a proper noun. One that refers to a flesh and blood human individual, complete with physical reflection and photographic image-ability.

So let's see her.

Come on, now - don't be shy. I'm sure you've got oodles of pictures lining the drawers of your hard drive.

Mary Paddock said...

Oodles of pictures. Only two of me, both of them about five years old (same photo shoot as I think of it). I'm usually behind the camera.

Anyway one of those pictures is here: