Saturday, January 19, 2013

Swallowing my pride

I get to do this a lot. So I either have a lot more pride than most or I'm constantly having to learn to that it won't kill me to ask for help (those might be the same thing). My husband will tell you that I'm the one who doesn't like to stop and ask for directions.

This week I've had to do this more than usual. After three or four days of wrestling with the new template on my website I finally faced the humbling fact that I needed help. Okay, that's not true. After finding me in tears (yes, really--how embarrassing) on Sunday afternoon because I couldn't figure out why something wouldn't center right, my husband tactfully suggested that I seek out help from one of the two or three techs I know. I hemmed and hawed for two or three more hours and finally "resorted" to asking for help. That tech (Stacey Roberts) spotted part of the problem. My oldest son--who is about to graduate from college with a degree in computers--spotted another later. He then suggested that I contact a friend of his who is a systems' analyst for some large company. John probably realized that giving me the tools to do it myself was going to be easier than doing it for me. He explained the big-picture issue and sent me the link to a site that teaches people how to use HTML5 and CSS. The truly humbling part of this? I had this young man in Sunday School. About one thirty in the morning (I'm not obsessive or anything), after pouring over the information on the website, I spotted the last problem and resolved it. The fix was painfully simple. This explains why I write words, not html.

You can go look at it now. In fact, please do. Share it with all your friends. Tell the world, if you wouldn't mind. Not so much because I need you to advertise for me, but because after all this work it would be ashamed if nobody ever saw it.


Hal Johnson said...

Sorry you've gone through that. But, if it's any comfort at all, know that you've convinced me that when the time comes, I'm asking for help from the get-go.

Looking forward to checking it out.

Snoskred said...

Just FYI - The link to the blog on your new blog went to a weird place for me. :(

Found you via Debbys blog. :)