Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hunting Trips

I've hit my stride with respect to Willows Blood, consequently I'm keeping this brief.

My husband took off for two days to go deer hunting with his dad, leaving the boys and me on our own (we're a one car family). I can't say that I was excited about it, but he gets very little real playtime so I put on a happy face (Probably more of a not-unhappy face than a happy one), packed his clothes, made his breakfast, and kissed him goodbye. I'm sure he'll come home smelling of woodsmoke and gunpowder, with three days of stubble, a big smile, and maybe a deer.

I'm glad deer season only comes once a year.


Debby said...

I love hunting season. I make a pot of chili to simmer on the stove all day, and the hunters traipse in and out of the house helping themselves as they go. When the boys were home, we always had at least four deer hanging. We process them ourselves as well. Side note; if your hubby comes home smelling of nothing but woodsmoke and gunpowder, you've done well. After two days at deer camp, my dad and brother smelled. Unwashed, b.o. sort of smell. Tim and our boys do not go to deer camp. They just come home. They do not stink. Coincidence? I don't think so.


Scotty said...

Willows Blood - I'm up to page 150 - I'm getting there... :-)

And maybe I've mellowed as I've gotten older but I don't see the sense anymore in hunting seasons as enjoyment for us humans. I've no objections to killing an animal to put food on the table but as sport, it leaves me pretty cold these days.

Big Plain V said...

Sounds really cool and manly. I've always wanted to experience deercamp, and even though I live in a prime hunting area, I've never learned.

I do hit them fairly regularly with my car.

Hal Johnson said...

I'm pro-hunting when it comes to politics, but I really don't like killing things. Makes me feel like a hypocrite, because I sure like venison. One of my uncles has long been an avid deer hunter, and he says that he always feels bad when a deer goes down. He says he welcomes the chance to feel bad for the deer, instead of avoiding that feeling by paying someone else to kill an animal for him.

Scotty said...

Page 210 now...

Mary Paddock said...


I'm not a fan of hunting, but I get it as necessary. He did have a great time, though the only deer he brought home was a small reindeer from Wal-mart named Rudy.

Scotty--I'm so glad you're still with me. I really need readers this time around. :)

Ray--LOL. All you have to do is pack up your Mike's Lemonade, grab a gun and aim that instead of the car. :)

Hi Hal! It's a struggle for me between understanding the need to keep the deer population under control (Ever seen Montana's problem?) and the animals that suffer because of sloppy hunters.