Monday, November 10, 2008

Willows Blood Update

It's moving forward--slowly, but it is moving and that's why I've been so quiet for the last few days and probably will be for a fair amount of November.

All hell is about to break loose (the good guys are gathering, etc) and crafting that tension takes a fair amount of concentration, something I seem to be having a problem with. Is it getting older? I don't know. I feel like a kid with AdHD some days. Write-write-write. Lets check our e-mail. Write-write-write. Hey, what about . . . Write-write-write. Oooh! Ponies! Maybe there's a vitamin out there for this. Seriously, I think blogging isn't helping so I'm going to cut my own entries down to once a week until I'm done with this (I'll be reading everyone else's though).

Meanwhile I'm setting lower daily word limits and just committing to write every day as opposed to worrying about how fast it's happening. NanoWrimo has helped a lot in that regard.

Speaking of which--back to work.


Anonymous said...

Every wword down is anothr done, though. That's what I hate about goals, the pressure :(

DavidM said...

Hi Mary,

I have decided to give you a BFF (Blog Friends Forever) Award.

Warm Regards,

Scotty said...

Yes, back to work, you - we're all waiting for the next installment...


Big Plain V said...

I'm not talking about you here, but I've noticed some upcoming writers who are really squandering their craft on clever and lengthy blog posts day after day after day. They've got multiple novels, sitting there online, languishing, doing nothing for them.

I like my blog, but it isn't gonna make my dreams come true.

So I applaud your decision to focus more on your WIP. Good writer.

Mary Paddock said...

RH--Thanks. :)

David--Many thanks for the award. I'll share it later.

Scotty--Lots of installments now.

Ray--Thanks for the most excellent quote. I like my blog, but it isn't gonna make my dreams come true.