Tuesday, December 30, 2008

24 hours without internet

It was a long twenty-four hours of actually having to talk to one another and stuff. However due to the magic switch of local internet repair guys (who I really do like), we're up and running again. Apparently someone somewhere cut a fiber optic line.

I'm still tired and sick. This bug is apparently a lot kinder to kids than it is to adults, as all the boys had it and recovered in a matter of forty-eight hours. My mom has had it for over two weeks, however she caught it from my six year old nephew and we all know what little kid germs are like.

Have I mentioned how much I hate talking to our internet support people? This conversation was no different than the last one and I wound up just as annoyed. Knowing myself when I don't feel well and catching my mouth right on the edge of snapping out something sarcastic after the tech I spoke with on the phone made it clear he hadn't listened to the list of things I'd already tried, I turned him over to my oldest son who assured me that I was simply too emotional over the issue. Jeremiah repeated all the list of things we'd already tried and stated that he was pretty sure the problem was on their end. The tech tried to tell him that since the modem we're using isn't the one they sent us (five years ago) that it won't work and that's why we couldn't connect. When my son explained to him that we've been using this one for at least a year (possibly two), thus disproving the theory, the tech still insisted that he switch to the old one. This of course meant making changes to the computer and thus fouling up the network. When the old one didn't work either, he then concluded that the problem must be with them and he issued a repair ticket. By then, Jeremiah was almost jumping up and down with frustration.

It was the high point of my day.


Big Plain V said...

Sometimes I feel pity for folks who have the kind of job where they spend all their time talking to people who've just navigated an automated phone menu minefield.

But when they act like they just want you and your problem to go away -- not so much.

Scotty said...

Glad you had a high point, Mary.


Here's wishing you and yours all the best for 2009.


Mary Paddock said...

I used to be a telemarketer and have all kinds of sympathy for these folks until they begin to treat me like I'm stupid. :)

Scotty--I girl has to find her fun where she can. :) And thanks for the hug.