Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oscar and the Bubbles


Today the boys decided to forego playing with their more expensive video games in favor of their stocking stuffers. Specifically this meant rediscovering the magic of bubbles. Joe, the thirteen year old, is the one blowing the bubbles in the picture.

Oscar is a nearly eight year old Bloodhound mix. He seems to live in a state of continual childlike wonder (not to mention less charming childlike fears--Oscar's pretty sure there are monsters under beds, in closets, and in every lump and bump). Oscar is not a rocket scientist, but he's got a big heart and is much adored by our family. Today Oscar discovered bubbles for the first time, providing us with much entertainment as well. As a visitor to my blog you are required by Mary's law to ignore the copious background clutter and Joe's grayish white socks.

He was quite mystified as to where they went after they popped.

We weren't sure if they tasted good or if he was just trying to stop one so he could investigate it more closely.

When all else failed he tried to herd them together. No, you're not imagining it; Echo, the Siamese, is looking on with great disdain. He clearly thinks Oscar is an idiot. Actually, he thinks all the dogs are.

The best part of this game was that it was so clearly a game to the dog. When Joe stopped blowing them, Oscar put his big head on Joe's knee and nudged the bubble container, requesting Joe to release more of them.


Pencil Writer said...

What a fun, innocent passtime! Bubbles are for all ages--and animals! Happy New Year for you, Mary, and all your family!

Debby said...

I'm with PW. How sweet. I love to watch the colors on a bubble swirl and gradually darken, and then *pop*. I think your siamese would look at me with disdain as well.

Hal Johnson said...

Too funny! Happy New Year to you and your family, Mary.

jeanie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Bubbles are great fun for young and old.

Have a great new year! May 2009 be filled with wonderful things for you and your family.

Hal Johnson said...

Hey Mary. I'm trying to be sneaky here by leaving a comment on an old post. Got an email from Bush Babe, the gal from Australia.
( She tells me that Debby's last chemo
session will be February 19th, and she's asking everyone who reads
Debby's blog to post a "Life's Funny Like That" entry to their
blogs that day. Sort of a virtual party. She wants to keep it secret. Something funny, something serious, or just a "good for you Debby" post.