Saturday, March 07, 2009

Long week

'Will offer details after it's all said and done.

It is spring though, because it comes whether we're ready or not, kind of like bad news. I know this because the tree frogs were singing last night, my crocuses survived last week's snow and are blooming away in the sunny spot in the yard they moved to some years after I planted them, and I found a patch of wild onions while out walking this morning and can still smell them on my hands. I decided they all must know more about hope than I do.

So while the rest of the household slept in, I collected the names of fifteen more agents. Especially as the agent I had my heart set on decided to disappear from her clients' lives and without responding to queries. So much for instinct.

I wonder if I can lure the tree frogs in to coming and sitting on my monitor and singing while I type?

And, failing that, I wonder if I can talk Gary into letting me have a few of these:


Scotty said...

I envy you - I haven't heard a frog in a long, long time in my part of the world.

Mary Paddock said...

Ouch Scotty. They are a favorite part of spring weather here.

jeanie said...

What on EARTH is one of those and what on earth would you do with him?

I obviously know he has amphibious pretenstions, but wouldn't he affect the ph balance in the cauldron?

Mary Paddock said...

Jeanie--They're Poison Dart Frogs--though only really poisonous because of the kind of ants they eat when in the wild. In captivity they're not toxic at all.

They're just lovely, aren't they?