Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stupid Cars

Mine is sitting in the driveway with a blown head gasket.

This is what I get for telling Dad yesterday that we're doing well, that everything is in a holding pattern. The gremlins were clearly listening.

Gary (who is not a car guy) was mystified because the temperature light came on out of the blue yesterday. He checked the coolant level and it was terribly low. He refilled it and drove on without any trouble. Today it did the same thing. Kicking himself for not keeping better track of it and thinking he'd simply let it get too low, he added more, noting that the temperature gage hadn't rise above normal, it hadn't over heated, and there were no leaks anywhere, he then ran his errand, and came home. He checked again when he got home. The coolant was low. He added more.

I jumped in to take Sam to youth group and watched the light come on again. I drove it around the block and partway up the road, then watched the temperature gage climb. Apologizing to Sam because he was going to miss, I drove the car home.

I then did some googling and saw multiple possibilities listed, but the one that kept jumping out at me was a blown head gasket. The only symptom missing was that the engine hasn't been overheated. Check the oil stick, said one site. If it looks like a chocolate milkshake, you've probably blown a head gasket.

Still, Daniel and I decided to pull the oil stick and check it. As I withdrew it even Daniel had to exclaim, "What on earth?" My heart sank.

I hate chocolate.

Anyway, Gary's missing a night of work and now we've got to either rent a car or borrow one while we decide what to do this one.

Stupid, stupid cars.
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