Monday, March 30, 2009

Note from my son

I found this note from my oldest on my desktop this morning. To fully appreciate it, you have to know three things:
1) He stays after school a couple of times a week to tutor middle school kids. This isn't entirely out of the goodness of his heart; the college scholarship he applied for requires it. However, he enjoys it and the teachers tell me he's quite good at it.
2) He's in the middle of building himself a new computer system.
3) He's studying sonnets in his AP English Class.

Three Things Today:

Am I tutoring? I'm asuming no for the moment, but if I am, please call the school.

Second, if possible, please deal with your old hard drive. I'm pretty much ready with Dad's.

Third, that motherboard is REALLY cool looking, it brings a tear to your eye with its beauty. I could write a poem about it. In fact...

Sonnet 441
Sir Jeremiah Paddock

Oh how art thou with such beauty but a thorn in my being?
How shouldst I live without thee?
Moon with wan face guides my soul to your mind
And frees with such a grace not even the heavens can comprehend!
Yes, but my motherboard, and I.

Rhyme scheme: AA BCB

Honestly, that is completely original and crappy.

But really, please look at that thing.

THIS is what I live with.


Hal Johnson said...

Too funny. Reminds me of a little exchange between Dylan and I this morning.

Hal Johnson said...

"...between Dylan and me," I should write. Just call me the Grammar King.

Pencil Writer said...

That almost brought a tear to my eye! I love having a son. Even with all his jibs and tugs on my heart. And you have 4! Wow! Lucky you.

Debby said...

I actually thought it was neat. Any notes I received were straight to the point. No poetic slant to them at all.

Scotty said...

The fact that he's young, male, and wants to write poetry at all is a good thing, I reckon.


Mary Paddock said...

Hal, I am so glad you found this funny. Gary and I had a really good laugh about it when I found it. He was well aware that his "sonnet" left a lot to be desired, but said that it was the best that he could do at 6:am with the school bus roaring up the road.

PW--Between you and me, I love it when he leaves me these notes. Jeremiah isn't the most demonstrative kid in the world and this is as close he gets to expressing affection.

Debby--I thought it was cool too.

Scotty--He's been studying Shakespearian sonnets and actually isn't too crazy about them. I'm going to have to show him Julie's sonnets to save the form for him. :)

Big Plain V said...

Is this guitar-guy?

If so, Mary, I think you should consider the possibility that your son may be a creative genius.

Mary Paddock said...

One and the same, Ray. And, believe me, it's crossed my mind. :)