Thursday, July 16, 2009

Small Stuff

Gary and I treated ourselves to a not-so-minor luxury this summer. After eight years of weathering sweltering summer nights with just a ceiling fan, we decided it was time we bought an air conditioning unit for our bedroom. No more trying to find that key cool spot in the center of the bed while trying not to touch the other person more than you just have to because your combined body heat could possibly drive the room temperature up another ten degrees. Now our only problem is working out where to set the thermostat. I like it set at "cold enough to preserve an ice berg". He likes it at "balmy tropical island". We've agreed to a compromise. Whoever falls asleep first loses to the one conscious enough to get out of bed and reset it.

Coinciding nicely with this, at the June rummage sale, we acquired a surprisingly nice color TV set whose only sin is in not being able to receive a digital signal. As we don't get television here (and still don't miss it), that's not an issue. We also picked up a VCR/DVD combo at the same rummage sale. Oh--and a really nice comforter/pillow sham/skirt/curtain set.

So this evening, with Gary off at work I'm sprawled on my newly covered bed with my laptop, in my freshly organized, very clean bedroom (that's now been marked off the summer to-do list) watching the old movies that send the boys scrambling off to parts unknown, and making a half-hearted stab at editing Troubled_Waters. What's playing currently? "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". With the thermostat set to "Jack Frost would be jealous", by the way.

Life is good.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Oh, congrats on your new cooling system! That IS a big deal. You're giving yourself a little vacation every day that way, really. :]

Scotty said...

Oooh, Close Encounters - great old movie. I've always loved the mashed potato mountain scene myself.


And congrats on the climate control system too. :-)

Mary O. Paddock said...

Mrs C--I like that idea--little vacations . . .

Scotty--Mine too! You know, on our vacation to Montana, we were within about fifty miles of the mountain they used as the supposed site of the alien landing. We came very close to going to see it, but it would have thrown off our schedule badly and we felt Mt Rushmore was more important. (It was a narrow decision for us two old scifi-ers)