Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sam, wants to go trick-or-treating as a mirror this year (which is a vast improvement on being a brain eating zombie). Now I've just got to figure out how on earth I'm going to turn my entire child into a reflective surface. Any suggestions?

The others are making noises about being too old, though Joe (14) is waffling a little. He's all into the Twilight books and is kicking around going as a vampire. My suspicion is that it's more about looking cool and getting girls than the traditional blood drinking image. I have him reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" for school and he likes it quite a bit, but apparently not enough to dress up like a lawyer, which I think is far scarier, but probably won't score as many chicks.

Still not a fairy princess in the bunch. My sister, Amy, is about to have her second girl (Two girls! Two! And I don't have any! Life just isn't fair sometimes). Maybe I can borrow her older one next year.


Julie Carter said...

He shouldn't be a lawyer, he should be a ham for Hallowe'en! A ham! *sigh* No one goes for the classics any longer. :D

Scotty said...

A mirror, eh? Hmmm, that would be tricky. Some small pieces of glass with aluminium foil glued to them?

Debby said...

Lawyer would be scary...a blood sucking lawyer from hell...eek! I may have just wet myself a little.


Seriously, get a piece of tin, and a nice frame to go around it from a thrift shop. He could wander around telling girls 'who's the fairest one of all' for a whole night. This could make him pretty popular with the girls. Either that or get one of them so wound up she doesn't care about the whole 7 years of bad luck.

Mary O. Paddock said...

I agree Julie, but he said that he didn't want to wind up like Scout.

Scotty--I think I'm going to check Walmart for shatterproof mirrors tomorrow.

The picture frame is already on the list. Tin? I hadn't considered that. I was thinking aluminum foil and cardboard with a place for his face in the middle.

PaintedPromise said...

i'm no help with Halloween (besides, it has already passed) but a thought on the whole boy-girl thing... i grew up with 2 brothers. my only sister had 4 legs and a tail {grin}. i then got 3 daughters! i tell them, that if this is a round robin thing and i get nothing but grandsons, i will be quite unhappy!! but so far all my grandchildren also have 4 legs and a tail so it hasn't mattered much lol.

but i hear ya, Mary, i hear ya!!