Friday, January 01, 2010


Last year my list of resolutions was short. Five items only.

My list from last year and what I accomplished:
1) I helped my family eat healthier, though I only shed a couple of pounds myself. However everyone is a lot more aware of what they should be eating, how much, and why. Everyone (except Gary) has given up soda and most of them are looking for healthier snack foods. Almost no fast foods, pastries, or fried foods and a lot fewer processed foods have made their way through our front door. Gary is still struggling to get on board--loves his chocolate, ice cream, pastries, and adores pizza, but he's beginning to feel the "peer pressure". 

2) I did finish editing Troubled Waters and I did query several agents. I did not get published.

3) I'm not sure about the better mom/wife thing, but as they all seem to still like me (Gary still thinks I'm cute), I guess I'm doing okay.

4)  To get more active . . . Well, as I spent a fair amount of my summer outside in the yard and garden, I'd say accomplished that nicely. However, since the winter and fall temps have dropped into the twenties it's been a lot harder.

5) Read more. Check. Check. And check. Like that was hard.

This year's list is even shorter. 

1) Lose weight. This isn't funny and it's no longer about vanity. I'm concerned about longevity and quality of life at this point. Being able to run and play with grand kids and go on all those camping trips Gary and I have been planning. I am on my first day of a low carb diet. Though I have a history of success with notable weight loss, I've never actually gone on a pre-formulated diet before so this is really, really different. Wish me luck, will you?

2) Finish Daylight Here (am hovering around 45,000 now). Edit it. Find a better title. I am aiming no higher than that at the moment as I don't want to rush through this one. It is the strongest project so far. If I finish the draft sooner than later, then perhaps I'll start querying this year again. It will be a lot easier this time around.  I am still not sure what I'm going to do with Troubled Waters. I feel a certain loyalty to both the book and all those who helped me with it, but I am questioning the value of expending more energy on it at present.

3) Become a better friend (namely, worthy of the people who are not required to care about me but do anyway). That is an entire blog entry that I'll save for another time.

And that's it. A shorter, but more intense list with goals I really need to meet.  

What about you guys?

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