Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Virtual DMV

Today I renewed my car's plates online for the first time. I want to hug whoever invented this one.

No standing in line for thirty minutes as the guy at the front explains to the lady clerk for the fifth time why he can't produce the inspection record for a car he has down in Florida, but wants to renew it in Missouri, and the clerk explains for the tenth time why they can't do it that way. 

 No discovering that I didn't have this or that piece of paper with me just when it's finally my turn and making a mad dash to the car (or home) to retrieve it. 

No having to refer to the note I wrote to myself as to what make/model/year my car is (It's white and my key makes it work. What else do I need to know? And, yes, this lack of interest in this information does drive Gary and Jeremiah crazy) 

No lady behind the counter glancing at my hair and thinking about every blonde joke she's ever heard when I read said information out loud to her. 

This invention alone should lower America's collective blood pressure. It certainly makes me feel smarter. 


Scotty said...

Hehe. I've been doing my renewals that way for a few years now and yes, it sure as heck is handy and less stressful.

Debby said...

What I like is that you can do the renewal at any time, and even in your jammies, if need be.