Saturday, April 02, 2011

THIS is how you ask a girl to the prom

Chivalry is not dead and there is hope for the next generation.


  Quoting Daniel, "Don't you know that every guy in the school has to be thinking, "Thanks man, thanks a lot. Now I have to be Edward AND sing."

Quoting Joseph, "Note to self. Pick up acoustic again . . .'


Scotty said...

Love it.


Wes Holly said...

You should educate your son's that it is the originality & uniqueness of the method that will win the day, not copying someone else.

Mary O. Paddock said...

Me too, Scotty. :) I just loved the thought the young man clearly put into this.

Wes--With respect to "winning the day" (or the girl in this case), I usually just advise them to look to their dad's example. With the variety of characters in my crew, I wouldn't worry about a lack of originality ever being an issue. Thanks for stopping by.