Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A different dog story (in which I learn my dog is a lush)

I accidentally left Clancy closed in our bedroom earlier today when I got up from in front of the computer. A little later Sam went back to our room to look for something and let him out.

I was in the livingroom talking to Gary when the little dog (all 9 lbs of him) landed in my lap, wiggling and tail wagging. I caught a whiff of strawberries as he attempted to lick my face. "Clancy" I said. "Why do you smell like strawberries?" He actually paused for a split second, glanced around the room, gazed at my face for a second, and continued his greeting (we're beginning to suspect he understands far more than he lets on). I sent Sam back to investigate (thinking the little guy might have gotten to the bottle of Tums on one of the shelves). Clancy is quite the climber and has been known to surf my desktop in search of snacks so I already know not to put dog treats or unattended human food in the path of temptation. 

Sam came out with a wine glass I'd left on my desk last night. "This smells like strawberries," he said. Of course, the last swallow of my strawberry wine. Well--more like cheap, wanna be 3.00 strawberry flavored wine (my favorite kind). Clancy watched Sam carry the glass into the kitchen and followed him, looking hopeful.

 I guess we'll have to be careful about unattended alcohol from now on. I have occasionally pictured myself involved in interventions, but those scenes never included my dog.  
 No matter how much he begs and pleads, you must refuse him. It's for his own good. 

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