Thursday, September 08, 2011

Our Turn for a Break

 Eureka Springs , Arkansas, located about an hour southwest of us,  is a terrifically artsy, touristy, historical town and Gary and I love to visit when we can get away--which isn't often. A few days ago we did an extravagant thing and decided to get a room and spend a couple of days there next week.

In particular we  reserved a room at the Basin Park Hotel . Though less well known than the Crescent Inn, which was featured on Ghost Hunters a few years ago,  BPH is supposed to be just as haunted (so much so that the two offer a package that allows people to spend one night at each in order to experience the ghosts at both). The Crescent Inn is simply out of our price range this year (for a few years, probably). As Gary puts it, "Instead of the ghosts of famous people, we're going to be hanging out with the film crew and the roadie ghosts" which is just fine with me. I'll probably have more in common with them anyway.

We've rented a King Jacuzzi Room and  plan to wander through shops, tour a couple of local museums, eat out a bit, and mostly just enjoy one another's company. One of the charms of BPH is that it is located in the middle of down town Eureka which means we won't have to drive anywhere if we don't want to. And, frankly, I don't. This is part of why I usually opt to go camping when we take breaks like this. The idea is to get out of the car and not get back in until it's time to come home.


Scotty said...

Sounds like fun, Mary - enjoy yourselves.


Pencil Writer said...

Have a great rest/recooperation from the daily challenges!